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ETC Residential Calling Features  You have Choices with ETC Phone
Voice Mail is for answering and routing telephone calls; telephone messages can be recorded and stored and relayed.
(Voice Mail Setup Guide)
GROUP LISTS for Notification Phone Calls
A group list is a list of mailbox numbers or telephone numbers that is created once and assigned a list number and a recorded name. Once your lists are created, you need only to enter the list number and your message will be delivered to everyone on the list. Your mailbox may contain a maximum of 15 different lists with up to 60 numbers per list.
(Group List Setup Guide)
Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to reject calls from parties who have activated privacy feature to prevent their phone number from being recognized by your phone.
Caller ID informs you of the name and phone number of a person calling you. Once you see the name of the person calling you, you can decide whether or not to take the call. You will need a Caller Display Device for this service.
Call Forwarding allows you to redirect all calls to another telephone number so your calls can follow you wherever you go. It reduces missed calls, eliminates waiting for important calls and adds an extra measure of security while you're away from home.
The Conference Bridge feature allows you to talk with more than one person during one telephone call. This is useful for home offices and for talking to friends or family members in different locations at the same time.
Preferred Call Forwarding allows only certain calls to be forwarded to you. You choose who you want to receive calls from. You won't miss any important calls but you won't be bothered by calls you don't want.
Personal Ringing allows you to have up to three telephone numbers with unique ringing patterns (and unique Call Waiting tones if you have the Call Waiting feature). You'll be able to determine for whom a call is intended (children's number or parent's number) or the type of call (business or personal). Personal Ringing provides many of the advantages of additional lines, but at a fraction of the cost.
This feature allows you to activate your Call Forwarding feature even after you've already left home. Activate Call Forwarding from any touch-tone phone. You must have call forwarding on line also for this to work.
This feature alerts you to important calls by giving them a distinctive ringing pattern.
Call Return allows you to return a missed call, even when you don't know who called. In the event the caller did not leave a message or a phone number, you can identify the caller's number and, if you wish, return the call.
Repeat Dialing allows you to do other things while your phone continuously calls back a busy number.
Call Screening prevents certain callers from calling you. You choose who you want to receive calls from. When callers from phone numbers on your Call Screening list attempt to call you, they will receive a message indicating that you are not currently accepting calls from their number.
Special Call Acceptance allows you to build a list of only the people you wish to get through to you. For example, you may be working and want only family members to be able to call. You won't be interrupted by unwanted calls but important calls will be able to get through.
Call Waiting alerts you with a beep during a telephone conversation that another call is waiting to be answered. It prevents missed calls and provides many of the advantages of an additional line, but at a fraction of the cost.
Speed Calling allows you to call selected telephone numbers quickly by dialing an assigned code. It eliminates the need to look up or remember telephone numbers and saves time when dialing numbers, especially long distance numbers. It also allows for fast, accurate dialing of emergency numbers.
This feature shows the name and number of the calling party on your Caller ID Deluxe display device while you are on the telephone. You can determine if you want to break your current conversation to answer your call waiting.
Three-Way Calling allows you to add a third party to an existing telephone conversation. It reduces the need for callbacks when trying to confirm plans and schedules. It also brings families and friends together

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